How to see a Screenshot of Azure VM from Azure Console

How to see a Screenshot of Azure VM from Azure Console

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In many situations, we come across know the current state of VM, without logging into the server through RDP. I generally use the VM Screenshot on Azure Console to see what error message the VM is showing if it fails to boot.

How to see a Screenshot of Azure VM from Azure Console

  • Make sure your storage account is created into the same subscription as the VM.
  • Select the VM from the Virtual Machine Lists.
  • Find the Boot Diagnostics tool under the Support + Troubleshooting section.

If your boot diagnostic is configured, you can see the VM current state as a screenshot as below ↓

Screenshot of Azure VM from Azure Console

If the boot Diagnostic is not configured, you will get a screen as below ↓

Azure Boost Diagnostic Dashboard

How to configure the boot diagnostic?

Click on the message “click here to enable it”

Azure boost diagnostic configuration enable

By default, the status of Boot Diagnostic is Off

boost diagnostic is off

Select On & It will give you a dropdown option to select Storage Account.

If your storage account is there on DropDown select that and click on “Save

If the storage account is not there, select “Create New

Enable Boost Diagnostics - Azure - Lia infraservices

Once all the storage account is configured with the Boot Diagnostic, the target VM Screenshot can be seen.

I hope this is informative and I thank you for investing your time to learn something new.

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