How to Optimize Google Voice Search for Website?

How to Optimize Google Voice Search for Website?

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Nowadays modern browsers expect quick and instant results to their queries. They like instant and interactive things, prefer voice command rather than typing. Hands-free Voice control is gaining more attention in all streams. Read more to learn more about “How to Optimize Google Voice Search for Website?

How to Optimize Google Voice Search for Website? - Know how

It’s not just the humans who can reply to your queries in real-time! now even “voice-activated” smart device respond or answer to your Voice Search queries through Digital Voice Assistance Interfaces.

|Is your Website Content Ready for the Voice Search? Know More

Why Voice Search is Popular?

On average, a person can type 40 to 50 words per minute, whereas the same person can speak up to 150 words per minute. Hands-free voice search is more convenient, in addition, Google allows multi-language voice, which offers more freedom to the users to break the language barrier.

How to Initiate Voice Search:

Choose any Smartphone or devices of your choice that supports voice search. Now you can call out the Popular Voice Commands to initiate the action,

Popular Voice Search Initiation Commands| Liainfraservices

Few of the popular voice commands to initiate the Voice Search:

  • Ok Google
  • Hey Siri
  • Hey Alexa

Followed by the “Natural Search Queries” like “Can you suggest me the Best Mobile Application Development Company in Chennai?”. If your device has a screen, then the relevant voice search result will be displayed on the “Search Engine”.

Top Mobile App|Website Design and Development Company in Chennai, India| Liainfraservices

If not, the result will be announced back through a speaking bot.

 Voice Search Optimization | Liainfraservices

What is Semantic Search?

Google’s Semantic Search is an improvisation of the Humming Bird algorithm. Semantic search pick’s up the combination of user’s voice search queries and delivers exact and also the relevant synonyms results.

Voice Search – the luxury novel application is now an essential feature!

3 Ways to Optimize Google Voice Search for Website:

1. Optimizing Website for “Near Me” or Locality Voice Search queries?

Get your Local Business Listing to be Google Search ready. Optimizing Google My Business is the most important factor to get your business found through Google Voice Search in the locality.

To know more about Google My BusinessClick Here

2. How to Optimize Website for Business Services?

Increase the Longtail Business Service Keywords with better Voice Search Volume in the “Featured Snippets”. Featured snippets will help to gain better search visibility for the website by providing the solution to the user business queries.

3. Update Schema Markup Metadata with the long-tail keywords:

Schema Metadata like Keywords, Title Tag & Meta Description will provide the search engines with additional information about the service data elements of the website. Schema helps the Google voice search queries to fetch and deliver the relevant website content to the browser.

The Future of SEO is Voice Search:

How to Initiate Voice Search in your website - learn how?

The future of your business relies on the voice search discoverability on the internet. Contact Lia InfraservicesSEO Services Specialist to Optimize Google Voice Search for your Website. Our SEO experts optimize your website voice search and help your services get recognized through voice commands. Drive-in more traffic to your website from various source to move forward.

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Optimizing Google Voice Search for Website is Crucial:

In the coming days, the voice search will continue to evolve and become more advanced and accurate. Its time to take off your business into the digital world. Get your website personalized and market-ready with our Digital Marketing agency.

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