WhatsApp Rolls Out Voice and Video Call for Web Version

WhatsApp Rolls Out Voice and Video Call for Web Version

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Good news folks. Your favorite WhatsApp is testing the Voice and Video calls on Web and Desktop Application.

Now make video calls or voice calls without even touching your mobile phone

Facts About WhatsApp Messaging App:

WhatsApp is the most used communication app worldwide and it is downloaded across 187 countries, i.e, 55.6% of the total mobile phones have it.

Facts About WhatsApp Messaging App - Lia Infraservices

Check out the number of active users using the most used messaging app across the globe;

  • WhatsApp 160 Crore Users 
  • Facebook Messenger 130 Crore Users
  • WeChat 110 Crore Users
  • LINE 8.4 Crore Users

WhatsApp Web Version is still under the testing stage. Any time soon it will be rolled out to the general public usage. WhatsApp web users have already seen the web calling option on their WhatsApp web version. Many have noticed a new Dial Button being appeared next to the search space.

Facts About WhatsApp Messaging App

WhatsApp Voice & Video Calls on PC:

In Beta Testing version 2.2043.7 WhatsApp Web lets the laptop or Desktop users operate the video or voice calls on the PC. Currently, the web version of Whatsapp supports only the message Chat and voice clips, video clips, or image sharing option. Whereas the future WhatsApp Web or Desktop versions will utilize the laptop or desktop camera and microphone to conduct one-click voice and video calls.

WhatsApp Web Version Beta State:

In the testing version, you can find the Voice and Video Call Buttons next to every contact name in the contact list. One will have the choice to decide to turn on or off the video options for group calling.

WhatsApp Web Call Features:

  • Create Group Texts
  • Share Photos
  • Share videos
  • Send and Receive Documents
  • Engage in Private and secure conversation

WhatsApp for Business: 

WhatsApp for Business - Lia Infraservices

WhatsApp Business allows the companies to share the business correspondence and customer communication directly to the end-users, with the message delivery and read assurance in no time.

eCommerce Website development company use WhatsApp Business messages effectively for their end-to-end business conversions like to Boost their Brand Promotion, Share new arrivals with images & description, Take surveys, offer customer support, Carry on announcements, most importantly Sell products through WhatsApp, and much more. Contact Lia Infraservices the leading Digital Marketing Company to boost your eCommerce business via social media platforms.

WhatsApp Web Version Emerging Globally:

WhatsApp web version is emerging globally to satisfy web users with the convenience of voice and video calling features. 

At present Mobile versions offer a limited 8 participants Group for voice and video calls. In the upcoming days, we can expect a group voice and Video call facility from the web versions as well.

Who knows, WhatsApp Web could be a great alternative to Zoom and Google Duo for personal or official group video calls.

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