Coronavirus an opportunity for eCommerce Business:

Coronavirus an opportunity for eCommerce Business:

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Coronavirus is unplanned but surprisingly an opportunity for eCommerce Business. Firstly, just be optimistic, there are a lot of opportunities for eCommerce Business to explore the unexplored verticles. Reinvent your business for a great change! Then, the terrible events like this will lead to great transformation in the way we live and perform in day to day life.

Pandemic to Opportunity :

Pandemic to Opportunity | Liainfraservices

Consequently, as the Noval Corona Virus Continue to spread across the globe, consumer behaviour has been changed rapidly. Self-quarantine, Social distancing, avoiding to travel has seriously affected the retail business across the world.

“Change the way people shop in the future” 

On the whole, this emergency situation has paved the way for the eCommerce Business to thrive over the next few months. Therefore as the consumer’s turndown physical shopping, digital shopping options are thriving.

For instance, work from home (WFH) concept has greatly influenced online shoppers through digital advancements and online sales have picked up drastically.

Change in Customer Behaviour:

Change_retail_customer_behavior | Liainfraservices

In a general change from traditional shopping to online shopping, behaviour happens during holidays. The corona effect has sharply increased by 30% – 40% of growth in eCommerce sales in the non-holiday period.

The extension of the holiday period has driven the holiday shoppers to take up daily essential shopping through E-Shopping.

Over a period of time, consumers may get used up to this online shopping comfort and may not frequent the traditional physical shopping.

An Opportunity for Ecommerce Business:

We at Lia Infraservices see this as an opportunity for the traditional retail shoppers to get adopt and switch over to Ecommerce Shopping permanently.

In one survey, it has been found that Consumers are becoming more loyal to the same retailer on delivering value-added services such as Same day delivery with loyalty bonus, etc.

Consumer Spending – eCommerce Statistics :

Customer_spending_behavioral_pattern| Liainfraservices

In recent days the consumer spending behavioural pattern has increased overall across all domains, such as electronics, food & beverage, apparels, books etc.
Commercial eCommerce sales in specific consumable goods like grocery, food products, grocery and other daily essentials have grown up drastically.

E-Commerce Business Survey 2020:

eCommerce_business_status_survey_2020 | Liainfraservices

In the year 2020, eCommerce is expected to grow marginally from 12 – 15% of total retail sales. As the shoppers find it really easy and comfortable to make their purchase online. It’s high time for the retail business owners to invest in eCommerce Website development company and stay ahead with competitors.

Common, let’s explore the digital side of the retail business and make use of the opportunity.

Invest in eCommerce Website Development Company:

Contact Lia Infraservices, leading software solution provider and Dynamic eCommerce & Woocommerce Website Developer in India, USA, Australia, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia. We Deliver custom eCommerce solution that suits your business and increase customer satisfaction and sales.

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