Top 10 Key Features of HRMS Software

Top 10 Key Features of HRMS Software

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To begin with, let’s Check out the Top 10 Key Features of HRMS Software and see how Lia Infraservices HRMS Software can Make a Difference.

As your business grows, human resource workflow also increases. Thus you may face many Operational difficulties in managing the workflow, hence the Process Optimization is very much necessary to improve the efficiency.

I would say that this is where Lia Infraservices Readymade HRMS Software comes handy and undoubtedly result in making crucial decisions, on the company’s proceedings. Moreover, Lia HRMS is an integrated Software that provides key information to the HR/Management team to track and boost the company’s performance and productivity levels.

Top 5 Reasons on how HRMS can benefit Enterprise:

1. Better Data Management.
2. Employees self-service login information without involving HR team.
3. HR Managers gets more time to mind other functions.
4. Makes reports more efficient to compile and analyse.
5. Measure team productivity by obtaining project updates from multiple sources.

Right security is the essential part of the data-intensive HRMS Software

“Running a business is very much possible, but running it successfully is little complicated” without an HRMS software from a genuine resource provider, such as Lia Infraservices – Software Development Service.

In the first place, the HRMS is a time-saving software and gives you a complete edge over administrating the enterprise. You can also customize the software based on your needs.

Employee performance, project completion status, Secure Data, Monitor monthly expenditure vs Income generation analytics, etc all these crucial information gives you clear ownership of your concern overall performance.

For this reason Without HRMS, your products can move completely against your Enterprise business objective, which may lead to disaster.

Top 10 Key Features of HRMS Software:

1. Recruitment Process – Talent Pooling
2. Payroll Process
3. Administrative Operations
4. KPI Monitoring
5. Employee Performance indicator
6. Project Progress Monitor
7. Employee Information Management – Attendance
8. Training & development
9. Employee Welfare – Health insurance
10.Chat/Messenger Box

How an HRMS Software can Make a Difference – In Detail:

1. Recruitment Process –

 The integrated HRMS software assist in all HR responsibilities throughout the employee life cycle. Additionally, it streamlines the recruitment process – by automating the job posting on multiple websites and social media with ease. Details included – job description, Candidate application screening, auto-response, Background check, issue Offer letter, etc.

2. Payroll Process – 

Payroll Process reduces the Workload of HR. Manage payment of workforce. Streamline the HR function to ensure all employees are evenly compensated. Salary Administration, Incentive/bonus programs, travel expenses, Compensation etc are also included in this model. This simplifies the company’s financial planning.

Accounts management – 

This Promote financial planning and invoice management, Vendor management, Scheduling Salaries to the employees account payable, accounts receivable and other expenditures that will help in accounting, budgeting and forecasting the consolidated financial information.

3. Administrative Operations – 

Create and maintain employee details such as maintaining employees previous work record, date of joining till the resignation letter. Manage multi-level staff records, building rental contract records, company utility bills payments, office asserts details such as computers, machinery etc.

4. KPI Monitoring – 

Any new project must have a key performance indicator. Certainly setting a KPI for a company or a project enables the team to make the right decisions in engaging the optimal human resource at an optimal cost. Overall the performance measurement helps to set the company goals towards achieving business objectives.

5. Employee Performance indicator – 

The software evaluates the employee’s performance well beyond the job role also includes other circular activity, teamwork initiation, skill-sharing, timely completion of project etc. On the whole, with all the information the HR Manager can analyse the productivity and contribution of the employee to the company and suggest for the yearly appraisal/ perks.

6. Project Progress Monitor – 

Firstly, progress monitoring, tracking and reporting are a key collaborative process. In reality, the HRMS software can aggregate data from various source and generate graph on project progress in various verticals. Indeed, this will let the project manager understand the current progress as the original schedule.

7. Attendance Management – 

Secondly, HRMS can schedule shifts and note down attendance to ensure the staff are on time and the production continues. As a result, the software can be effectively used across all branches of various location, departments and projects. This also alerts, if there is any inadequate manpower in any of the projects. Attendance timesheet is integrated with the payroll process, sick leave and other absence which make the salary calculation smooth.

8. Training & Development – 

In the first place, Training & Skill Development courses will keep up the workforce is top-notch with the up to date techniques. Certified manpower helps in better productivity thus minimizes staffing and planning issues.  

9. Employee Welfare – 

Managing employee benefits such as Health insurance, PF contribution, Maternity leave, sick leave benefits, children school fee benefits, employee gratuity plans, retirement plans, Travel compensation etc. Finally, an effective employee benefits management will boost the employee’s dedication and contribution to the job role.

10.Chat/Messenger Box – 

In particular, the messenger app lets the employees communicate the official legitimate information with the project group or with an individual employee of the company without actually sending emails. Undoubtedly the fast and data-efficient messaging app allows instant messaging, voice calls and video calls for better connectivity.  

New Technology and New Thinking can make a difference in workflow process

Benefits of HRMS Software:

1. Better Work Flow and collaboration
2. Effective Information Management
3.User-friendly interface
4. Cost-effective
5. Automated process to smoothen workflow.
6. Flexible to work with old applications.

Additionally, we at Lia Infraservices can integrate as many features to our clients and deliver a Tailored HRMS Software to suit the needs. Try our Top 10 Key Features of HRMS Software can save you a lot of money and time while you planning to expand your business. 

To conclude, Lia HRMS software is quite flexible to get adopted to your business needs. It is also Cloud-based, where you can say goodbye to huge paper works and secure your data by Migrating it to Cloud Data BaseCLICK HERE to fix up an appointment for a FREE HRMS LIVE DEMO Software.  

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