5 Web Design Mistakes to be Avoided in 2020

5 Web Design Mistakes to be Avoided in 2020

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“Wise men learn from the mistakes of others”. It is high time to find out what are common Web Design Mistakes to be Avoided in 2020.  Most web development companies make this common error and let us explore how to avoid this.

The goal of a website is not just to give a platform to buy and sell, but also to make the visitors learn more about the company, values, Services and create a brand image. Web design plays a crucial role. The primary role of the Web Design Company is to ensure that any design element should not interfere with the users’ journey. 

Web Design Mistakes to be Avoided in 2020 - Know more

Important Considerations in Web Design:

The web design team, the Business owner and the Website Development Company work in coordination and harmony to create designs that maximize conversion rates rather than designs that look good.

Often, companies fall for attractive web designs or miss the important considerations that lead to poor website performance.

Here is the list of common mistakes Web Designers and the Website Developers make.

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes to be Avoided in 2020:

1. Too Much Information

Too Much Information | Liainfraservices

“Only 16% of users read the text by word by word whereas 79% of test users only scanned the website.”

In some websites, too much information is provided in too little space. Website owners feel an urge to inform about their range of products and services, their vision and policy, there team and capabilities in a go as they don’t want to miss a chance to display their competencies to visitors.

But the problem is visitors form their opinion in just 0.9 seconds, and if in such a short time span, they didn’t find what they are looking for, chances are they move to the next website.

 The best way to provide information on the website is to use scannable text, heading, bullets, and just one idea in one paragraph.

2. Too Little Information

Too Little Information | Liainfraservices

Although the minimal design is the hottest trend today, it does not mean that websites have to be extremely cryptic and ambiguous in nature.

Providing relevant information on each page is key to web design success. It means you have to ensure that if a visitor has landed on a particular page, it gets clear information for what he is looking for.

For example, if the visitor has landed on the product page, make sure that specific information related to the product is available to them. Besides, they must be provided with the features to easily navigate through other pages if they wish to seek more information.

3. Lack of Responsive Design

Lack of Responsive Design | Liainfraservices

More than 40% of searches are conducted on Smartphones”

it is essential to have a website that properly displays the content on the Smart Phones. Now that Google has started penalizing non-responsive sites, businesses have no choice other than to make their site responsive. Here are a few measures you can take to create a responsive web design:

  • Testing third-party code as even adding APIs for the sites can increase the load time.
  • Using the appropriate screen icon size, suitable for multiple devices
  • Making plans for negative space, rather than simply putting unnecessary icons

Note: According to Google, the slower the site, the higher is the bounce rate.

Companies need to spend more time on fixing the issues related to slow responsiveness.

4. Poor Typography

poor typography| Liainfraservices

To maintain cognitive fluency, website owners should avoid using unclear, messy fonts. As reading habits of people are changing, using cursive fonts, symbols, and hand-drawn scripts can create confusion, increase the cognitive load and reduce understanding.

Other elements of typography are kerning, tracking, and leading. Kerning refers to the space between two characters and tracking applies to the space between two words or phrases. Leading refers to spaces in between the lines.

While website designing, a web designer needs to take care of all the aspects of typography to ensure that a visitor can easily understand the information.

5. Usability Mistakes

Usability Mistakes | Liainfraservices

When visitors land on a particular website, they have some specific questions in the mind. A website owner must ensure that all the specific questions that the visitors may have are answered carefully. 

Some of those questions might be related to:

  • Price of the products or services
  • Contact information
  • Refunds
  • Shipping policy
  • Location
  • Competitive advantage

Here, we have mentioned a few common web design mistakes that every web designer should avoid. Web Design standards continuously evolve, so it is best to partner with the global Web App Development Company in Chennai. Contact Lia Infraservices to empower your business through IT Services. 

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