Top 10 KPI’s to Track SEO Performance

Top 10 KPI’s to Track SEO Performance

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Have you ever measured the success of your SEO campaigns? In this blog we provide you with are the best Top 10 KPI’s to Track SEO Performance

To do so, it’s important to arm yourself with SEO Services specialists who follows the trusted metrics to boost the business performance. So you can easily measure your results and identify new optimization opportunities. 

It is not always easy to prove the key stakeholders with the assured SERP results without following the standard Search Engine Optimization procedure.

The success of the campaigns depends upon the client’s objective and the goals of that campaign. The key performance indicator will be different for every individual business objective. Say, objectives like – Promoting brand visibility, Driving in traffic to showroom, Students enrollment, News announcement, Social engagement etc.

Top 10 KPI's to Track SEO Performance - know more

1. Organic traffic:

The ultimate goal of SEO is to get more users from search engines, so the main KPI to be tracked is nothing but search engine traffic.

To evaluate organic traffic is better to tract quarterly ranking, so the changes in rank would be more evident.

Note: If your site is huge and consist of multiple pages, then it would be difficult to keep a track on the entire website. So, split your website into a small segment and focus on the crucial services or product pages to monitor the search performance.

2. Keyword Ranking:

Keyword rankings are the positions that your pages occupy in search results for certain queries. The higher the positions, the more your pages are noticed in the Google search result, and the more visitors you get.

Most importantly, search traffic is very sensitive for even a slight shift in keyword ranking. The shift in one rank higher or lower will result in thousands of users traffic gained or lost.

Note: To check the Keyword Ranking difference, with the current and previous audit report is by checking the keyword in the keyword tracker  “Compare with previous results – Google difference and check the day-wise ranking results”

3. Click-Through Rate:

Impressions and clicks are the search performance metrics — they represent the number of times your pages appear in search results and the number of times they are actually clicked on. Together, these two metrics give you a click-through rate. It is basically a success rate of your pages in search.

Note: There may be 2 major reasons if your CTR is low: 1. Your website may be flooded with ads and it may steal your clicks. 2. Your snippet may not be attractive enough to get those valuable clicks. Use structured data to enhance snippets.

4. Behavioral Metrics:

User behavior such as Bounce rate, session depth, and session duration are all the metrics of user engagement. Behavioral metrics are still important indicators of page optimization and, as a leading SEO Company in Chennai, we turn them to your favor by following Top 10 KPI’s to Track SEO Performance of your website.

 Note: Poor engagement rate leads to less time spent by the visitor on your website. This means users visit your page with false expectation and leave as soon as the expectation is not met.

5. Conversion rate:

Conversion – A subscription, generating a lead, app download, a sales or any action that a user takes from a website that benefits your business. Conversion rate is a two-way metric. It is measured from the total number of visitors viewed divided by the total purchase or conversions made.

Use the conversion rate to evaluate the quality of organic traffic. Is your SEO effort attracts relevant visitors? interested in your product or service

Note: One of the top accepted conversion rate metrics is the Blog post. A blog post for a website generally drives in more traffic to your website.

6. Backlinks:

One of the top factor to be followed in SEO metrics are the Backlinks. Backlinks are a major ranking factor and a healthy backlink profile is crucial for gaining better search positions. A thorough check on the broken backlinks is quite essential. Losing some good backlinks and gaining some bad backlinks will make the ranking go down.

Note: Periodic monitoring of backlink will help to perform timely damage control. The sooner you check the google webmaster the faster you can find the road to recovery. 

7. Page Index:

You can track the success of a new website launch by monitoring how quickly your new content is getting crawled and indexed by the search engines. You can check the Google Search Console for the number of page errors

If you get the message saying ” URL is not on Google” then it comes under Indexing error. It means that Google has either removed the URL from indexing, this happens when the URL is not available to crawl.

8. UX Metrics

User Experience metrics has become the core part of a website. Recently Google has added User experience as one of the key metrics thus has become one of the possible ranking factors.

User experience includes Page loading speed, Quick navigation links to internal pages, user-friendly buttons.

9.  Crawl Errors:

Googlebot and other crawlers need to have access to site content to check its value and relevance. If your site has crawling issues, then it means Googlebot has trouble accessing some of your web page or the content.

Crawl Errors can also happen at server-side, that is if the Googlebot cannot communicate with the DNS server or if it faces request time out meaning your site is down.

Note: Crawl errors can also be at URL level Such as if a given URL does not exist and hitting with 404 – page not found an error.

10. Domain Authority:

Domain Authority (DA) is one of the good indicators of a website potential for organic visibility. DA demonstrates content outreach and campaign effectiveness. Domain Authority is one of the traditional SEO metrics that still have a great impact on SEO success.


At the end of the day, being able to measure the success of your SEO work is essential. By using any combination of these SEO metrics like share of voice, organic sessions, and conversions, you should be able to paint a picture of your SEO performance for your key stakeholders.

Lia Infraservices – Digital Marketing Agency specialist brings you the list of Top 10 KPI’s to Track SEO Performance. With our SEO Service experts, you are well on your way to justify your SEO efforts to decision-makers and satisfy the stakeholders.

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