How to Secure a Website with SSL Certificate?

How to Secure a Website with SSL Certificate?

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Secure a Website with SSL Certificate

Wondering how to secure website with SSL certificate? Protect your confidential content and sensitive information from hackers. The best possible solution to Secure the website is with SSL Certificate.

Enabling the HTTP to HTTPS is achieved by installing Secure Socket Layers – SSL in the web domain.

Secure Socket Layer – (SSL) Overview

SSL encrypts the data in the website into encoded form. Which makes the non-authorized users from viewing or accessing the information or content on the website.

Secure Server with SSL Certificate

It is easy to set up an SSL Certificate on the website. It enables https. After installing SSL certification in Domain, one cannot access the site using unsecured HTTP://

Steps to secure the website by installing the SSL Certificate

  1. Buy SSL certification
  2. Activate SSL certification
  3. Install SSL Certification
  4. Update the site for HTTPS

To install the SSL certificate, log in to Web Hosting C-Pannel and click on Install and Manage SSL for your site.

This is how an SSL Certificate will look like after installing in the website. The Website URL will appear with a lock icon. Clicking on the lock icon will display the SSL (HTTPS) certificate along with the date of validity. SSL certificate has to be renewed post expiry and it is not a permanent certificate.

After installing the SSL in the site, it enables you to restrict the uses from the unsecured site. Once can Secure selective page and keep the common pages unsecured as well.


Installing SSL doesn’t entirely secure the website. It only allows the transferring of data from the website and the users accessing it.

SSL secures the page with the Lock Icon, which restricts the users from the download or modifies the source code.

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What is an SSL certificate? How do you protect your website HTTP from hackers and other malicious attacks?

By installing the SSL certificate on your website makes your visitors less prone to attackers. This enables the users to gain confidence in your website and share their valuable information.

“A good craftsman must have good tools”

SSL Flowchart:

For Example – Websites like eCommerce website, payment gateways, Banking Applications, Online form fillings, etc. must be secured to protect the visitor’s information during any data transaction.

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