How to choose a website design?

How to choose a website design?

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Choose a Website Design that best suits your business purpose:

1. Are you an Unhappy Website Owner? 2. Wondering why your website is not attracting orders?

Indeed, the ultimate reason for the website to be less productive is that your website design and layout would be not appealing or attractive to viewers. For this reason, it is highly recommended to get your website analysed by experts and redesign to suit the current market trends.

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Feeling hopeless and tired about choosing a template design that best represents your business?

“The success of a Business starts from choose the Best Website design”

Feeling overwhelmed while picking up the right website Design?

Firstly you just need a sharp eye towards design and there are plenty of “free Web Design Layouts” available online and Professional “ Ecommerce Website Development Company ” available in the market to choose from.

Checklist for choosing the website design/redesign:

  1. Clearly decide on the website design based on the nature of Business.
  2. Also, shortlist the important factors your website should possess.
  3. The purpose of the Website.
  4. Nature of the targeted audience.
  5. Design Options and top-level framework.
  6. Wireframe Design
  7. Choosing the colour pattern.
  8. Content and details that should be present in the Website

Types of Website Designs frameworks:

  1. Business Website (any company website)
  2. E-Commerce Online Shopping Website.
  3. Informative Website (Non-Profit, Religious website, Academical/Educational, Personal hobby, etc)
  4. Blog Page
  5. Portfolio/Social Media Sites.

Shortlist the Factors your website should process:

  1. In particular, the Professional Looking website design should carry with the business team across website to make the website look authentic and relevant.
  2. Likewise, Customer support facilities like contact form, chatbox, email facility etc should be present on the website for to easy contact and navigate.
  3. Static Website – Just informative.
  4. Dynamic Website – For User to Interact through your website.
  5. Mobile friendly and multilingual user-friendly websites.

Website Design Options:

  1. Build a Custom design website using coding or simple website template.
  2. In addition Develop Partial website using coding and remaining using plugins.
  3. Above all, the website should come up with an extensive styling option.
  4. Creative designs with drag and drop options for the user interface. following relative and easy to use features.

Wireframe Website Design

Wireframe layout is the skeleton structure of the website. It is essential in Choosing a website design before actually building the website. It’s basically the graphical representation of the website layout and its appearance.

1. Decide on Content Width design:

Undoubtedly the Full-Width website layout, that is the “Website with no boundaries”. For this reason, this content area works best for creative and contemporary designs. Whereas Boxed width content best suit for traditional & Business Website.

2. Choosing the Header design :

Header creative should be flashy and must highlight and focus the nature of business
The Static header consist of 4 essential things:

  1. Headline
  2. Supporting Tagline
  3. Direction Button
  4. Relevant supporting image.
3. Menu Bar:

On the other hand, the menu bar plays a pivotal role in navigating across the various services offered by the website.

The website should be fun-filled, lively and easy to navigate.
Furthermore, it should be able to identify and engage the audience with a similar interest.

4. Content :

In addition, Framing content is also a part of website design. Segregate the content into the hierarchy format. Position the important factors highlighted in the left to right pattern and layout the content in decreasing importance.

It is advised to position the important headings to the left side rather than keeping it at the centre.

5. Right Font conveys right information:

Undoubtedly the Oversized, Fancy or small font would be difficult to read and annoying the visitors.

6. Banner and image Positioning

Similarly, choosing a website design is depend upon Static or Dynamic Website. Furthermore, images can be placed as rolling slides or GIF images, which demonstrates or conveys the right information to the audience.

Video Background: Is acceptable until it doesn’t affect the loading time of the website. Graphical Illustrative designs will go well with the website design.

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Finally, the website should have a character. Subsequently, a good website should be self-explanatory about its service to the viewers. Last but not least, the web site should have a personal touch with the audience and be able to communicate well and carry versatile functions.

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