Where can I find assistance on Cloud Migration strategy?

Where can I find assistance on Cloud Migration strategy?

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LIA INFRASERVICES helps strategize the Cloud Migration strategy journey and do the Managed Migration service to help customers migrate their servers into different clouds like AWS, Azure, vSphere & vCloud.

Cloud migration is a process of moving servers and its applications from one location to other, it is a process which needs a detailed plan. There is the moment when it is worth to re-think if the application really needs to be moved to migrate or it’s better to be in-house.

There are many Cloud types like SaaS, PaaS & IaaS. It’s very important to know which type of cloud solutions best suits you and your company.

Are you migrating the servers to save cost or to take the benefit of the scalability on demand? There are few questions that need to be answered before taking a decision to move servers into the cloud.

Cloud Migrations need a special team of experts who have been helping many enterprises to assist on their cloud migrations journey and experience in solving many real-time migration-related issues and know how to solve them.

The target cloud selection also matters a lot. Depending on the underlying virtualization technologies and its compatibility with your application.

The cutover plan and the total tenure to complete a cloud migration also need to be finalized before even starting the migrations.

Finally, a POC project needs to be performed before starting a real-time migration, which ensures the compatibility with target cloud and the real-time issues that come across during the transition of migration.

Contact LIA INFRASERVICES to get a quotation of the cloud migration strategy and get your servers migrated into different target cloud without any worry.

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