Error Message “Operation not permitted” in macOS Terminal

Error Message “Operation not permitted” in macOS Terminal

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If you have encountered an error message “Operation not permitted” in macOS Terminal.

Are you facing access restrictions to enter into the directory?

Or unable to execute some basic command on your mac-OS terminal?

When you execute l’s or other basic commands, it gives the error message as 

Error message - Operation not permitted in macOS Terminal - Contact Lia infraservices

How to handle “Error Message Operation not permitted” in MacOS Terminal

This is possible because the mac has System Integrity Protection — also known as “rootless”

There are some system directories, which are also protected and the OSx won’t allow to write or mount anything to those locations.

The list of protected directories is found by executing the command

cat /System/Library/Sandbox/rootless.conf


How to solve the error message “Operation not permitted” in macOS Terminal?

To identify the system integrity protection, we suggest you to execute the below command

csrutil status

How to solve the error message _ Operation not permitted _ enable system integrity protection status  | Liainfraservices

To disable that, execute the below command

csrutil disable

But, you cant disable that from normal login, the OS needs to be on Recovery mode.

Failed to modify integrity Configuration | Liainfraservices

So, you have to log in to your machine while OS is in recovery mode.

To launch OS in recovery mode[Mac OS]

Restart + Command + R

Enter the password and that will give the recovery screen.

You would find 4 options under macOS Utility, Don’t worry about that, Just ignore/

On the top bar, click on Utilities and click on Terminal.

Error Message Operation not permitted _ 4 options under macOS Utility| Liainfraservices

On the terminal execute 

csrutil disable

Error Message Operation not permitted_ terminal execute | Liainfraservices

Restart the machine

On the normal mode, now you would be able to execute any command on the Mac terminal.

Hence the issue a is Solved.

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