Birthday Surprise for Boss!!

Birthday Surprise for Boss!!

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Birthday Surprise for Boss“An unforgettable moment and an amazing experience!”

Current scenario:

On a busy weekday, where everyone was tightly packed with project works and deadlines. Where every moment is very crucial for us to spend it wisely!

The arrival of the most awaited Day:

The most important day in the life of Lia Infraservice has arrived. “The Nov 13th”, the Birth Day of Mr Partho Das – (The brain father of Lia Infraservices) Our beloved CEO & Director of Lia Infraservice.

We (Staff) wanted to celebrate this day by Surprising our Boss on his special occasion and make it a memorable experience.

Game Plan plotted with the help of our respectable Madam Ms Maria, Co-Director and Life Partner of our Boss.

Birthday Surprise for Boss – Cake Cutting at Office:

All set for the day, we turned up to the office in a common dress Color ” Green”, Boss’s Favorite Color.

We had a hot and yummy Breakfast (Poori- Vadakari and Idly with Chilli Chutney) at the office, prepared and serviced by our favourite Office Assistant Staff “Akkas”.

Our Boss Happily accepted all our Wishes and Cheerfull to Cut the Birthday Cake. 

It happened to be a simple celebration without any Hangama or noise. But we were all quite excited as we only know what we have planned for.


Secret Plan Execution:

After the cake cutting ceremony, we calmly resumed back to work as if we were quite occupied with our daily tasks.
Mr Sasi, our Back end Developer and the front end player of the company, played the role of “Black Sheep“.

As the part of the plan, Sasi pretended to take our boss for a new client meeting to discuss the project at clients residence @ T. Nagar, Chennai around early Noon’.
He cleverly left the office at 12.30 pm with our Boss to T. Nagar. Within minutes, we all plunged into the cabs waiting for us at our office entrance and headed straight to the venue.

At the Venue: ” The Coal Barbeque”

We (all Saff) reached the venue ” The Coal Barbeque” around 2 pm and settled in our respective seats and waiting for our Boss to Surprise him.

Sasi maintained the drama and brought our Boss to Coal Barquiew as our Client insisted to take up the meeting over lunch.

All set, Our Boss enters the venue and randomly walked across our table without noticing us.

Then a blub ignited in his mind.

Slowly he realised, the occupants at the table were none other than his staff!!

Amused Boss !! did least expect us here. We all greeted him ” Surprise” and gave him the birthday treat.

Post heavy lunch, we visited Besant Nagar Beach to Garnish our Memories. We played in tides and dispersed after enjoying the beautiful sunset at sea. It has been a great Team Outing and an unforgettable experience for all of us.                


Life at Lia Infraservices:

As the employee of Lia Infraservice, each and every moment is cherished at our workplace.
The friendly ambience and unstressed office environment make us feel more at home. 

“We Love our Boss and our Company”

We wish and invite the young talents to be a part of Lia Infraservice Family and enjoy good career growth.  

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