18 Best things you can do with WordPress?

18 Best things you can do with WordPress?

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Stay strong in a competitive world with a powerful Open source creation tool. There are plenty of Best things you can do with WordPress, bundled with plenty of resourceful features.

The one-click installation process, easy to add and edit pages, multiple themes and plugins to secure the content The primary tool to build your beautiful blogging sites and meet your objective.

“Explore more by Installing WordPress in the system and play around it”

How to use WordPress in 18 different ways?

1.Personal/Blog Website:

WordPress is a simple blogging platform that allows small and big writers to exhibit their skills and thoughts through writing Content in the Blogging Platform.

2.Professional Business Website:

WordPress Website is easy to build professional-looking websites without any actual coding knowledge. It lets you do customization & future upgradations.

3.eCommerce/WooCommerce Websites:

WordPress gives you the wings to sell your entire range of products at one place through eCommerce Dynamic Website – Online Portal.
There are plenty of WordPress Plugins to design and configure the website at our convenience.

Using WooCommerce plugin, one can change the entire Entire eCommerce website into a fully functional online shopping platform.
It also lets you manage inventory and accept payments through secured payment gateways.

4.Job Listing Portal:

Enterprise can utilize this portal to post their Job Openings in the Job Listing Portal. It’s a live job Board where the professionals can respond with the job application.

5.Business Directory:

Business Directory allows you to expose to multiple online visitors. Resulting in Increased Website Traffic. WordPress Business Directories comes with an inbuild Yost plugin, which boosts SEO benefits in web ranking.

6.Question & Answer Website:

Build your online community to share your thoughts and clarify your doubts through the question & answer website portal.

7.Portfolio Website:

The ideal purpose of Portfolio website is to build an online branding and reach many clients through the services you offer. Set your business objective and design your portfolio accordingly.

8.Online Communities:

The web/internet/ Online Communities lets you get connected with like-minded people and express your thoughts. It acts as an information-sharing Messenger platform. You can even befriend specific groups through Social features like BuddyPress and share common interest over the online forum.

9.Coupon Websites:

You can create a legitimate Coupon Site and issue digital coupons through the website. The WordPress Coupon Site comes with the features to redeem the fresh coupon and manage the expired coupons. It also allows the user to rate the best coupons.

10.Multilingual Websites:

Attract a global audience through the WordPress Multilingual Websites.

11. Knowledge Websites/ Know-How?:

You can set up a Knowledge-based Website keeps your targeted audience well informed about the products and services offered.

12.Podcasting Website:

The podcast is a better way to reach to the potential customer by taking over the ideas and business values to the potential customer in a personal way. Cut cost by reaching your customer through the digital way by eliminating traditional communication cost.

13.Affiliated Websites:

Make money by referring the users to the products and services. A WordPress plugin is the best Affiliated marketing tool to earn easy money through the website.

14.Photography Websites:

Inspire others with your Photography creative styles. The photography website act as the platform to exhibit your portfolio. WordPress enables you to build your website.

15.School/College Websites:

Build your educational website and get connected with students, parents and research scholars across the globe. An interactive and dynamic website to update information and improve learning skills.

16.Private Blogs:

Drag and drop you to construct a smart-looking Private Blog. Build a powerful Private Blogs with all the functionality to boost your site visits. WordPress Blog contains advanced features like plugins, Data storage capacity, SEO checker, etc.

17.Family Blogs:

WordPress is one of the most famous and secured family blog on the Internet. Get your family blog stand above the rest. You can share your family photos and get socialized without worrying about the data loss due to system crash.

18.Auction Website:

Looking for a great deal on the Big Sale Day? You can simply build an Online Bidding Platform for the users to buy and sell things through the WordPress Auction Website.

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