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LIA Infraservices is the brainchild of Partho Das. After completing a Masters degree in Network and Security, Partho honed his skills with established companies from Slash Support and MSys Technologies.

An enthusiast with multiple recognization & Certifications from AWS, Cisco, Microsoft, and ITIL. Then, inspiration struck and let Partho start his own, unique Cloud Migration Services and Web Design Company by the name of LIA Infraservices.

When he is not being a master Cloud Computing wizard, Partho Das loves spending time with his daughter and with favorite Nikon Camera. Partho always kept work as a priority and spending more than 14 hours on work to learn and explore new ideas to provide a solution to its customer. He always believed to provide the best value, which represents the trust and confidence of his customers.

About us

Lia Infraservices works with the companies to understand their challenges and help set their environments into the cloud by properly studying the use cases of their on Prem architecture, that includes the networking, security, rules, policy and many other attributes.

We are pioneer into the cloud migrations and with our experience into cloud migration over 6 years with 60000 and more servers migrated into different clouds. Our trained & expert team provide after migration support as an additional service.

Cloud Migration of an on premises environment into the cloud is easy decision to make by any company, but the consequence and improper trained talent who does not have enough experience to handle the cloud migration and manage the environment into cloud. (Customer may feel bit Odd, As we mentioned IMPROPER traine though we are experts) There are a lot of difference between the environment of cloud compared to the on-prem. But, we have been fortunate enough to be hired by many prestigious organisation to be part of their planning team before migration and complete their entire cloud migration project as a managed service.

Public cloud is the feature and the organisations are moving into the cloud, but if the public cloud is not optimised properly, it costs a lot, so we come into the picture to help manage and optimise the target cloud to maintain a reduced cost, security and Access management.

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