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Cloud Account Managed Service

With the advancement of the technology and retain the consumers, most of the applications are deployed into the cloud for maintaining the scalability, ease of access and the capability to spin up and terminate servers in order to test any applications by a developers. Considering the ease of use, if the cloud accounts are not maintained and optimised properly, the cost cost of the ownership may skyrock. We being into the cloud technology for over 6 years and managed multiple cloud accounts, we have provided with the solution to best use of the services required. Our dedicated engineers are always available to provide solution in many sections like Cost, Security, Access, Monitoring and many more.

We get outsourced the daily IT management for cloud-based services to automate and enhance your our customer`s business operations. We manage cloud security, compute, network, storage, cloud application and more. A company who is completely transitioned into the cloud such as AWS or Azure needs an expert or a company who can dedicatedly manage the cloud account and provide with the monthly report of usage & cost savings.

Benefits of outsourcing the cloud account with us.

Lia Infraservices  Cost savings

    Outsourcing the account management to an expert is usually benificial for a longer period of time, with a small cost on a monthly or yearly ensures the proper management of the account and saving cost.

Lia Infraservices  Regular Backup

    There are multiple scripts that can be written or integrated into the cloud account to take timely backup of the resource like server, disk etc.

Lia Infraservices  Managing the storage

    Cloud provides multiple storage solutions, the proper selection of storage is essentials as per the use case.

Lia Infraservices  Response Time

    Our dedicated engineers are always available to answer any query or support any Business As usual.

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