Case Study

Case Study:

Problem :
Low bandwidth between two vSphere sites prevented 50 server migrations of total of 22TB data. Most of the servers were a mission critical as all these servers included MSSQL database, People management application with oracle database and many others.

Solution :
Suggested customer to use OVf Export & import and use RiverMeadow tool to seed the data, so that the data gets updated into the target VM and it would be with updated data on its final cutover.

Case Study:

MySQL database sitting on a Linux based server, while we were migrating the server, the size of source attribute JSON exceeded the maximum SQS queue size of 256K. That was not allowing us to migrate the server.

Considering the criticality of the server and time frame, we used AWS S3 as a storage solution for that Source attribute JSON and enabled our Migration Engine to get the data from S3 to model a clone of the server into target Cloud.

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