HTML Meta Tag Modifier – SEO Friendly Tool

HTML Meta Tag Modifier – SEO Friendly Tool

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Let’s see What is HTML Meta Tag Modifier (SEO friendly Tool) and its benefits.

“SEO friendly – Meta Tag Modifier Template, Custom Built”.

HTML Meta tags are purely Text Snippets that describes the content Overview of the particular page.
Meta Tags are nothing but the “Metadata” which includes essential “User searchable keywords” to help Search engines fetch the page.
The “Meta tag Modifier -SEO friendly Tool” is a fantabulous tool to modify Website Title, Description, Keywords and other essential Metadata.
The short cut tool to do regularly modify/update the Metadata without logging in to HTML program codes.
SEO friendly tool support in better ” SEO On-Page Ranking” and improve the page visibility.

Beginners Guide for HTML Meta Tags:

Metadata is generally not displayed on the Website or On-page web content.
Instead, it is displayed in the “Search Engine Result page” through Search Engine Keywords.
It helps the Search engines to fetch and display the relevant information based on the user search query.

Add HTML Meta tags for Search Engine Optimization:

Screenshot of HTML Meta tag Modifier – SEO friendly Tool

HTML tag gives information about the last updated metadata.
Adding HTML Meta tags to the Page source code helps the google to render the spider to check for the latest modification on-page content.

NOTE: Meta Tags is not case sensitive. 
  1. The Last modified user search query relevant Meta description will increase page visitors.
  2. More constant Page visitors are associated with improvised Website ranking.
  3. Meta tags shortly define the description of the content on the website.
  4. Crawlers use the meta tags to “create search index”.
  5. Title and meta tags derive the value of web content and “improve ON-Page SEO”
  6. It lets the webmaster inform search engines with information about the site.

How to do SEO Meta tags for Google and other Search engines?

Meta tags are generally added at the head section of the HTML Code.
The User-Friendly SEO Tool doesn’t require the user to know the coding or HTML Syntex to view or update Meta tags.
Among the data the general attributes that would be changed using the modifier tool for better Website Design and Web Development.

HTML Meta tag Modifier (user-friendly SEO Tool) are

  1. Name of the Application
  2. Author Name
  3. Title Tag
  4. User search Keywords
  5. Mata Description
  6. Image Alt attributes
  7. Date of last modification
  8. Content.

Google Ignores last modified Meta tag:

Google Crawler do not Crawl Metadata

The above-mentioned tag is used to alert google crawler to inform the page is updated.

To the great surprise since 2011 “Google doesn’t use Meta tags for Crawling” !!

So the best idea to initiate google to crawl your site is by changing the Web Content.
The rule may change in future but at present changing the metadata attributed will initiate the google to crawl the modified page is mere illusion.

SERP top position website shows the latest updates web pages for eg. (“2 days ago”), which represent the freshness of the webpage. This will add value to the field of Digital Marketing Services.

>> By editing the Meta tags the freshness of page is overlooked because the SERP does not scroll or index the updated content.

>> Google can able to read the Meta tags similar to HTML or any source codes irrespective of computer language used on the page.

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