How to do  Backlinks or Link Building – Organic way?

How to do Backlinks or Link Building – Organic way?

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Backlinks are also called Link building. The main purpose of Backlinking in an organic way is to get better search engine ranking. Search engine bots discover new web pages by following the organic backlinks from existing webpages.

Artificial way:

In order to increase your site’s search engine ranking, You voluntarily place backlinks of your site in forums, social media, blogs or any other platforms.

This might moderately your site rank and get positioned better on the Search engine. But the position is not permanent, there is also risk associated with artificial backlinking. Google works on an algorithm that blacklists your site or negative rank the page for artificially dumping your links across Google.

Natural or Organic Way of Backlinking

If your website has quality content, then automatically it which attract the users to share the contents of your site across internet/ social media platforms and get spread across Google Naturally. This is called  Natural or Organic Link building methodology.

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How to increase site visibility?

In order to make your site to be visible to users. Google appreciates only natural web building based on the algorithm.

The best process is Anchor text. It is nothing but the word where the link is gonna be places is called anchor text.

Google directs the new users via Anchor text placed by referral backlinks in do-follow authentic sites.

How to Optimize keyword for Organic Backlinks:

1.    Partial match or Phrase Match keywords: These are the best option to optimize your keyword because a user may key in any search phrase, eg. “digital marketing training / digital marketing class/ digital marketing course/ digital marketing services/ cloud migration services”.

Partial match identifies the key phrase ” Digital Marketing” and fetches the relevant data to the user and mark the irrelevant phrase (cloud migration) as a negative keyphrase.

2.    Branding anchor text: keywords. It uses your brand name as anchor text.

3.    LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing keywords:

“Apple” and “iTunes” are interconnected because they share the same context and are frequently found together. Similarly SEO Company in Chennai / SEM / SMM / SMO / Email/affiliate marketing.. all are interconnected. LSI keywords words can be used to generate effective backlinks.

4.    Generic terms: Anchor text can be best placed on generic terms like “click here, follow us, submit, etc” to get clicked by users, that will direct the users to your site.

5.    Citation:  At situations without anchor text the link can also be placed directly it is called citations.

6.    Anchor text variation: Distinguish Anchor test by signature text or underlined text from the general content text.

7.    40-50% BL /anchor text +  20-25% LSI anchor text + 5-10% Keyword Variations + 5% generic keywords.

Audit the backlink in your site using Google Analytics tool and remove the negative keywords. By this way, you can easily and effectively improve the site ranking.

For more methods to improve your site ranking, please click on Organic SEO.

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